Friday, May 13, 2005

The Beauty Of Copper - Copper Kitchens

The Beauty of Copper

Copper Kitchens

Versatile, strong & attractive, it’s not surprising that copper has been used for centuries and is today, the most frequently used metal! One of the oldest metals known to mankind, the beauty of copper is classic & timeless….

Copper holds a wonderful appeal. Both polished copper and rubbed copper items have a warmth about them, and yet a versatility that allows copper to be used everywhere, from the most modern & sleek to the most rustic farmhouse kitchens.

In the kitchen, copper pots & pans are incredibly popular for several reasons – they are easy to cook with, strong enough to last a lifetime, and are attractive enough to make a fabulous display.

Polished or hand rubbed Hanging Pot Rack

Window Wall Mount Pot Rack
Window Display with a Wall Mounted Pot Rack

These days, it’s not just copper pots and pans you can choose in your kitchen! Manufacturers have been quick to design copper appliances to cater to interior designers and homeowners, providing everything from copper pot racks - to display those wonderful pots - to copper backsplashes, tiles, counter tops, refrigerators and of course stove hoods that add a “wow” factor to any kitchen!

Hand rubbed copper hood
Copper Hood

And not only can you create a stunning kitchen with copper accessories and appliances, the versatility of copper allows you to choose a variety of finishes – highly polished shine, a light hand rubbed finish or a penny brown patina – each adding warm appeal to make the kitchen the hub of the home… - specializes in handcrafted copper hanging pot racks, wall mounted pot racks, range hoods and other kitchen accessories. Every item is handcrafted in USA by coppersmith Jason Fannin

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