Sunday, June 05, 2005

Newsletter - June 2005

Summer Products & Special Offers!

Summer Products

As Summer is nearly upon us, we are working hard with Summer Specials, new designs and filling our orders for garden décor!

Solid copper gazing ball stands are in demand as gardeners spruce up for the Summer season! Sturdy & strong, gazing ball stands add a great focal point to a flower garden, porch, patio or even a gazebo!

We have 2 new designs of copper rain chains now on offer – the Spiralling Circle rain chain & the increasingly popular Double Loop Rain Chain. This is fast becoming our best seller, as customers look for some beautiful art for outdoor décor!

Rain chains provide a really beautiful alternative to a downspout, particularly on a front porch, adding curb appeal to your home! Let the light summer rains trickle down, and turn the rich copper into a gorgeous verdigris patina!

Special Offers
We have many special offers this Spring/ Summer for all of our customers!

Not only are we currently offering FREE shipping on all wall mounted pot racks this summer, we also have free or half price shipping on most of our hanging kitchen pot racks too!

Have a great summer!

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