Monday, September 24, 2007

Care and maintenance of a lacquered patina

Care and maintenance of a lacquered patina

Although most of our products are sold as raw copper some have an applied patina with a high grade polyurethane clear cloat. This clear coat lacquer protects your piece from tarnishing further and from damaging the patina.
Care & maintenance is very simple and easy with this finish. Some simple dos and don'ts will protect it for many many years.

*Do dust lightly with a soft cloth only. Do not apply furniture polish!

*Do use warm soapy water on a soft cloth to remove food splashes and fingerprints. A mild detergent, such as Dawn, will be sufficient. Buff with a clean & dry soft cloth.

*Do not use abrasive scourers or sponges.

*Do not use kitchen or bathroom cleaning products, such as Mean Green, Mr Muscle etc. These will damage the surface. Avoid acidic or ammonia based cleaners - commercial or home made - that might "eat through" the protection and ruin your beautiful patina.

Examples of our products with the protective clear lacquer:

- Range Hoods
- Some copper counter tops and backsplashes
- Copper tiles
- Some copper mailboxes
- Copper switch plates and covers
- Copper numbers and letters

See previous newsletter for tips on cleaning your raw/ non-lacquered copper pieces.

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