Monday, February 11, 2008

Custom Copper Backsplash

copper backsplashA copper backsplash is fast becoming an extremely popular design element in the kitchen! A copper backsplash adds a luxurious look to a kitchen, but is versatile enough that it can fit into a modern, contemporary kitchen or an olde worlde rustic style.


The copper backsplash has many options when it comes to finish, color and texture. Hammered, swirled, brushed, shiny or with a patina - there are numerous ways to make your walls stand out!

A light colored copper backsplash, hand rubbed & brushed for example, can look great in a contemporary setting. Shown below, a swirl effect gives an almost industrial look without adding yet another element of stainless steel to the kitchen.

A colored or patinated copper backsplash opens up a variety of colors and patterns. The photo top left shows our signature patina, Pompeii. The color can be also sealed to protect it against stains and discoloration.

Sealed or unsealed?

Perhaps most people are familiar with unsealed copper, which will discolor or tarnish naturally. Depending on the environment, it may turn "Penny Brown" or even have different colors throughout. Many people find that to be a very charming property, but if it's not for you it can be sealed with a lacquer or wax.

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