Thursday, July 21, 2005

More Copper Fence Post Caps and finials

Due to high demand, we have finally included 2 great new styles of copper fence post caps to our website!

The elegant copper pyramid fence post cap, pictured left, fits standard 4 x 4 fence posts, and is designed from 20 oz solid copper for extra strength.
The copper ball finial and post cap has a copper globe made from 41 oz copper on top of the 20 oz base.

Both copper caps are highly durable and pressed from a die to create a completely seamless cap - this will prevent water leakage and so protect your wooden fence for longer, as well as looking more attractive!

The longer sides is a feature not found on many shop-bought finials and provides further protection against the elements.

These will had great style to your boarder fence, gate or decking! They are selling fast, and we are about to begin are next production run as buyers spruce up their gardens & yards ready for the height of summer, and prepare for autumn.

To place an order, visit us at or go straight to Copper Fence Post Caps

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