Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Copper Garden Decor

The use of copper outdoors is not a recent phenomenon. Indeed for centuries cathedrals, colleges & public buildings have adorned their roofs and side of buildings with beautiful copper, that has turned over time to a striking verdigris green patina.

copper statue

While an elaborate copper roof or statue may be a little out of the budgets for most of us, there is still a vast amount of fabulous copper pieces you can add to your outdoor decor to have a real wow factor in your garden, porch or even outside your office.

Current best sellers are Gazing Balls or Garden Globes, and what better way to display them than on a well built and attractive copper gazing ball stand?

One of the fastest growing markets for outdoor copper has to be the rain chain. Rain chains originated centuries ago in Japan, combining a beautiful metal attraction with a functional water feature, that guides water from your gutters and down the chain to replace your downspout.

Or how about some simpler alternatives, such as copper fence post caps or copper scroll brackets to hang your house, office or shop sign? These special extra touches are a great way to add the beauty of copper without breaking the purse strings!

For those with their own designs in mind, of course we are always willing to work with our customers to see their ideas for beautiful copper, or even brass, come to life with our custom design service. We firmly believe that custom design does not always mean a high price, but that it was designed just for you! Email your designs to us!

If you're still undecided, browse through some of this great outdoor copper selection! There's something for every taste and budget - Copper mailboxes, lanterns, weathervanes, statues, cupolas, birdhouses.... and much more. Just click on the pictures or links!

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Mono said...

I love the gazing balls! They are in the ranks of wind chimes too which I am collecting at the moment.

Thanks for the decor ideas! I'd be following your blog.