Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Copper Fence Post Caps

Our latest addition to the site are copper fence post caps - a great way to add an attractive look to a border fence!

Over time, the copper will react with the air and rain to creat a stunning verdigris patina. Available in sets of 6 with free shipping, they come in 3.5" square, 4" square and 6" square. Of course, as with all of our products, we can also make custom sizes for you.

Read an update of more caps & finials


Anonymous said...

As usual you are on top of things. You have a great blog and I wish you all the success you deserve.

TheMetalPeddler said...

Thank you, Cobaltlady, for everything. We really appreciate it! :)

Rhiannon said...

We brought house numbers (beautiful!) to be mounted on a creamy-coloured fence. I was wondering if we should coat the numbers with polyurethane, paste wax, or other coating in order to prevent 'discoloration' from leaching onto the fence.

TheMetalPeddler said...

Rhiannon, Our copper numbers are pre-coated so you shouldn't have any problems. Should you wish to coat them further, you could use an enamel spray such as one by Rustoleum.